Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional.

Roger Crawford

What are the issues here
The core issue of the challenges posed by market and technological changes lies in understanding where the true challenge resides, namely identifying the crucial factors that must be addressed. Often, what appears to be the problem is merely a symptom of underlying causes. Unraveling these layers to reach the heart of the challenge requires insight and a keen ability to look beyond the surface. Recognizing the difference between mere symptoms and their true cause is essential for developing effective strategies and solutions in continually evolving scenarios.
What is our approach
We believe that the more strategies and objectives are “uncovered” and co-defined by the people responsible for achieving them, the higher the level of engagement, synergy, and quality of the pathway that will lead to their concrete and winning implementation.
How we can help you
We build immersive workshops that enable teams to collaboratively define their identity and the One Page Integrated Strategy of their organization, based on the Integrated Thinking approach and its 6 integrated capitals.
What are the lessons learned
The foundation of a cohesive team and the collaboration of diverse viewpoints, skills, and sensitivities are the true critical success factor to ensure accountability and the concrete realization of activities necessary to achieve strategic goals.
Let's tell you a story
The Leadership Team of a Start-up, a spin-off from a major entity in the Pharma world, dedicates two days off-site to define itself, recognize each other, and jointly construct the strategy that will lead the new organization, valuing its diversity and the cultural elements that will enable every Team member to successfully follow the designated path.