Life is a journey, not a destination.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

What are the issues here
When facing a change and implementing a plan to manage it, it's not always possible to know exactly where it will lead us. While setting goals is a practical step, adopting a flexible approach becomes essential, as there are changes for which even experts cannot fully predict the outcomes. Therefore, the ability to adapt promptly is fundamental, as it allows us to navigate effectively in the uncertain waters of change and adjust our strategies based on new information and situations.
What is our approach
We are confident in our methodologies, but we do not orthodoxly fall in love with their standards: co-constructing flexible and agile plans, tools, and activities together is essential for allowing individuals and organizations to express their utmost potential.
How we can help you
We tailor activities and deliverables based on the specifics of the people using them and the contexts into which they are placed, supporting their adoption through governance systems, anticipatory risk management, skill development plans, and enabling communication and engagement.
What are the lessons learned
Designing the future with a sustainable logic and aiming for the highest possible adoption probability comes from engaging the people who will be part of it, actively involving them in co-design and in the direct management of the transition to change their ecosystem and providing them with the real capacity to do so.
Let's tell you a story
A manufacturing company intends to adopt SAP 4/HANA software, thus revising all internal and business processes. Following a mapping and description phase, which involved Process Owners and Key Users from all functions and through which the processes worth re-engineering were identified, people were involved in an extended co-design aimed at designing the new processes. Choosing an agile and collaborative approach has enabled the activation of all responsible parties and end-users, ensuring the designed solutions flexibility, medium to long-term sustainability, and concreteness.