By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

Benjamin Franklin

What are the issues here
When facing a challenge, the initial step is not to tackle the problem head-on but to prepare for the challenge, in terms of resources, competences, and most importantly, mindset. Approaching a challenge without adequate preparation can lead to the late realization that one is not equipped to properly handle the critical success factors. This preparation phase is crucial to ensure that, when the time comes to face the challenge, you are truly ready to navigate complexities and thus emerge successfully.
What is our approach
We are convinced that deep and widespread awareness is the first step to tackling any challenge: bringing people to reflect on their own perceptions and benefits regarding change allows them to truly understand it and choose the best way to face it.
How we can help you
We build complex architectures for listening and analyzing the "current state", which rely on the participation of all individuals affected by the change, across multiple levels, and their diversity as an accelerator of engagement and a guarantee of quality.
What are the lessons learned
The courage to value differences in mindset, abilities, and experiences represents a huge opportunity for organizations, especially when they are called to map and understand the starting point of an evolutionary journey and its future roadmap.
Let's tell you a story
A national transportation company aspires to make a real leap in quality in the market. To do this, it involves all its people, from offices to workshops, to traveling staff, in a thorough listening process, through questionnaires, interviews, and focus groups related to the working ways of different populations. The evidence collected allows the Management Board to design the company's evolutionary roadmap as much on the basis of strategic goals as on the real needs of its people and internal structures.