Only those who are willing to go “beyond” can discover how far it's possible to go.

Thomas Stearns Eliot

What are the issues here
Ultimately, every change offers us the opportunity to become something new and embark on a new adventure. We may not end up being exactly who we thought we would, but the only way to discover who we will be tomorrow is by stepping forward and journeying into the future. This journey should be undertaken with care and caution, yet without being paralyzed by excessive fears, embracing the transformative potential that change brings.
What is our approach
We are a consulting atelier: we take care of our clients with dedication and adaptability, focusing on the concrete adoption and achievement of planned results, and facing challenges as if they were our own, truly alongside the people.
How we can help you
We bring change down to the micro-organizational and individual level, designing specific actions to integrate it into daily activities and managing the necessary realignments between planning and the progressive developments of the path.
What are the lessons learned
The true measure of change is the behaviors adopted by the people who face it. The goal must be to mature a concrete legacy for individuals and the entire ecosystem, reusable in future challenges awaiting them, beyond the single project.
Let's tell you a story
A major public administration entity is in the final phase of an extensive redesign of its processes and, remembering numerous past projects failed in terms of adoption, organizes workshops dedicated to the micro-alignment of the organization to the new processes. Through the direct involvement of functional and cross-functional teams, it then succeeds in mapping the impacts that the new processes will have on its way of working, the gaps to be filled, and the actions needed to guide people through a concrete adoption of the new model, such as the description of new activities and roles, technical and soft training, new policies, and an effective knowledge management system.